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“Adventure is just bad planning.” ~~Roald Amundsen

Professional athletes know the value of careful planning.  Pilots rely on the thoroughness of checklist actions.  Generals in battle and CEOs of the largest companies in the world all rely on solid plans.  Some teams believe that given enough time to plan—say two weeks in a football season—they can be invincibly prepared for any team.

On a personal level we all know that the more carefully we plan the more likelihood of success in almost any endeavor.

Why, then, do so few sales professionals preplan their sales calls?  Appointments with decision-makers are rare and failure to plan is like planning to fail.  When surveyed, the most common reasons are that they plan on the way to the appointment, relying on experience to guide them through.  Or, they either don’t know they should or don’t know how to preplan a customer contact.

There are…

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my life in christ has been a great help for friends and family

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Recently, I highlighted blogs and websites displaying custom colors and custom fonts, which you can enable on your own site with a Custom Design upgrade. Today, let’s look at a free way to easily transform your site: a custom background.

If chosen carefully, a custom background can reveal a lot about your site’s focus, as well as your overall aesthetic. I asked a few users about the backgrounds they’ve uploaded to their sites, and how they chose them:

Gherkins & Tomatoes, Biscuits & Gravy

Cynthia, the writer and photographer behind Gherkins & Tomatoes, Biscuits & Gravy, focuses on the cuisine and rich history of the American South. Her background caught my eye immediately — it enhances and unifies her image-oriented site.

Tell us about your custom background. Why did you choose it?

I downloaded this background from GRSites, which has all sorts of textures. I love the tiled…

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